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CRFT is an alliance of members of the professions drawn from the congregations of RCCG churches worldwide. CRFT’s purpose is to mobilize resources for effective emergency preparedness and response worldwide and draws on the expertise from its professional members to achieve this end.

CRFT members’ strong local roots enable the organisation to provide locally based knowledge, analysis and understanding of emergencies and disasters. CRFT recognises that, as important as identifying vulnerabilities and providing for people’s immediate needs are when crises occur, a vital component of its response is recognising the valuable gifts communities in crisis contribute: coping mechanisms and strategies for survival, skills and strengths, wisdom and knowledge, and resilience and courage. Strengthening local capacity lies at the heart of our responses to emergencies. CRFT coordinates its global responses to humanitarian crises through the CRFT Coordinating Office, which is based in London, where it is registered as a charity.

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